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Sanus UF30 Black (Pr) 30-inch from Sanus

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Get Cheap Sanus UF30 Black (Pr) 30-inch Ultimate Speaker Stand
Sanus was one of the highest quality brand in market.

Sanus has brought form and function together at the highest level with Ultimate Foundations speaker supports. These are designed to be the very finest speaker supports available anywhere at any cost.

Ultimate Foundations begin with a flowing triangular base of solid NuStone designed especially for Sanus by Cramer Studio, the renowned industrial design firm. NuStone is an incredible solid surface material that has the look and weight of real granite or marble, yet is acoustically superior. Three black pillars rise gracefully from the base and terminates at the steel top plate/mounting bracket. A beautiful textured black powder-coat finish protects and beautifies the pillars and top plate.

The design, materials and construction of Ultimate Foundations ensure absolute rigidity in all directions and freedom of resonance. The pillars minimize diffraction and may be filled with shot or sand for added mass. The NuStone base has premium adjustable floor spikes for use on carpets as well as custom screw-on rubber feet for hardwood and tile floors. The top plate gives you the choice of using the Sanus' adjustable speaker isolation studs, neoprene isolation pads or adding a Sanus Foundation Mount(TM) system that permits many high-end speakers to be securely bolted to the top plate. Further isolation is achieved with special resonance damping pads between the pillars and top plate and between the base and feet.

  • Brand: Sanus
  • Model: UF30

Get Cheap Sanus UF30 Black (Pr) 30-inch Ultimate Speaker Stand

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