Thursday, April 17, 2014

TechCraft BEL57B 57-Inch Wide Flat from Techcraft

@ TechCraft BEL57B 57-Inch Wide Flat - Are you looking for sale TechCraft BEL57B 57-Inch Wide Flat?
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Who Sells TechCraft BEL57B 57-Inch Wide Flat Panel TV Stand - Black
Techcraft was one of the highest quality brand in market.

So you don't want to screw all your home theater equipment to the wall? That's completely understandable. Techcraft has an elegant, classy solution to your problems. While some Television stands look good in the store, it's hard to decide what will match your decor correctly. The BEL57B combines sturdy construction with elegance. Whether you've got a Television and a satellite box or other components, the BEL57B is the perfect stand for the job. The 10mm glass shelves provide the strength and durability you want for your home theater equipment.

  • Size: 57 Inches
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Techcraft
  • Model: BEL57B
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 21.75" h x57.00" w x18.75" l,94.00 pounds
  • 57-inch flat-panel television stand
  • Fits most 58-inch and smaller flat-panel televisions
  • 4-disc welds hold the solid 10mm glass firmly in place
  • Double-barrel back panel for excellent wire management and concealment
  • 21.75" H x 57" W x 18.75" D
  • 21.75 x 57 x 18.75 Inches

Who Sells TechCraft BEL57B 57-Inch Wide Flat Panel TV Stand - Black

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